MICHELIN X Line Energy Z Coach - 315/80R22.5

Product Number: 9807

$1,369.94(per tire)
$52.83 FET
FREE Road Hazard Tire Replacement Warranty | 1 Year Coverage
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Improved fuel-efficient, all position service in long distance applications such as Highway Coach.

Groove Wall Miniature Sipes – Helps fight irregular wear to improve mileage.

Zig-Zag Grooves – Improves traction in new and worn tire conditions.

Full Width Elastic Protector Ply Helps protect against penetrations, impacts breaks, and shocks for maximum casing durability.

Tire Specifications

Measured Rim Width 12.4
Approved Rim Width 9.0-9.75
Revolution per Mile 491.0
Overall Diameter 42.3
Max Inflation (PSI) 130.0
Product # 9807
Tread Depth 17/32
Load Index 157.0
Max Load (lbs) 9090.0
Load Range L (20 ply)
Speed Rating L


5 years or first 2/32” treadwear

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