Product Number: 278

$777.66(per tire)
$36.76 FET
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An all-position tire recommended for steer applications

Waved channel design reduces groove bottom strain, combating the initiation and spread of irregular wear.

Optimized rib distribution uniquely proportioned for added stiffness, which helps reduce irregular wear throughout the footprint.

Patented NanoPro-Tech™ polymer technology limits energy loss for improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel efficiency.

Wide, solid shoulder ribs help deliver enhanced resistance to maneuvering scrub and increased tread life.

Tire Specifications

Tread Depth 21/32
Speed Rating L
Sidewall Type Black
Revolution per Mile 486
Overall Diameter 42.7
Measured Rim Width 9
Max Load (lbs) 7390
Max Inflation (PSI) 120
Load Index 150
Product # 278
Load Range H (16 ply)


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