Bridgestone R213 Ecopia - 11R24.5

Product Number: 1083

$795.82(per tire)
$29.39 FET
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IntelliShape Sidewall - Contains less bead filler volume, reducing tire weight and minimizing rolling resistance for enhanced fuel efficiency and increased durability.

NanoPro-Tech Polymers - Patented polymer technology limits energy loss for improved rolling resistance and better fuel economy without compromising durability or mileage performance.

Directional Stress Relief Sipes - Directional Sipes help dissipate scrub at the shoulder, minimizing the onset of irregular wear and contributing to a 15% improvement in wear life. 

Tire Specifications

Speed Rating L (75 MPH)
Revolution per Mile 483
Max Inflation (PSI) 120
Approved Rim Width 8.25
Measured Rim Width 8.25
Sidewall Type Black
Overall Diameter 43
Product # 1083
Tread Depth 17/32
Load Index 146
Max Load (lbs) 6610
Load Range G (14 ply)


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